Our Green Acre


Our chickens are heritage birds, Sussex, Dominque and Araucana are our primary breeds. We incubate our own fertilized eggs and enjoy chicken with FLAVOR. There are no nuggets or boneless birds in our flock, so there are no nuggets or boneless chicken "products” to purchase. We sell the whole chicken, your options are simple, we offer an intact whole bird or an already cut up whole bird. Our butcher uses no chemicals when processing the chickens, there is NO chlorine bath for our birds!

Our chickens are slow growers, they thrive in our woodlands & pastures. We raise chickens who raise themselves. They are hearty healthy birds which produce hearty healthy chicks. We do not use chicken tractors or any type of cage for our birds. They forage outdoors on their own each day & are locked in the barn at night to protect them from predators.

A whole chicken is $5.99/lb. A chicken pre-cut is $6.99/lb.

Please contact us with any questions or orders. Email: misty@ourgreenacre.com, Phone: 870-861-5890. We do not currently ship meats. We provide local deliveries only. 
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