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Our 100% Large Black Pork is second to none. Our meat is a robust and flavorful pork that is red, not white, with fabulous micro marbling. Our pigs live in the woods and fields of our farm full time. They frolic, romp and graze in the manner pigs were intended to. They harvest nuts, ferns, mushrooms and more from the woodlands and graze on rye, clover, orchard and cersia grasses. We use no antibiotics or hormones to insure our family & our customers receive the finest, tastiest and safest meat available anywhere in the world. 

The high quality of our pork is based on two main principles: their heritage genetics and the natural manner in which they are raised. They are happy, content pigs who are not confined, are not aggressive and are given quality food to eat. The taste of this "old world” red marbled pork is second to none. Large Black pork is considered a delicacy the world over.

Please contact us with any questions or orders. Email: misty@ourgreenacre.com, Phone: 870-861-5890. We do not currently ship meats. We provide local deliveries only. 

Breeder Criteria
I couldn’t be happier with the breed of hogs we raise. The Large Black Hog is in my opinion the perfect hog. They are docile, wonderful parents, provide red/marbled meat & they are just happy.

We are currently providing breeding stock for sale and I want to get everyone acquainted with our selection (culling) process. It is important to know that not every hog is destined to be a breeder. In fact only a few make the cut. I have said before that we "cull heavily”, but what does that mean? We breed only the best and eat the rest. Our criteria for who makes the grade for breeding is firm. We follow the breed standards set forth from our breed association, The Large Black Hog Association, who follows the requirements set forth by the British Pig Association. This keeps the conformation that is desired and expected of a Large Black Hog, alive and strong. We do not want to "dumb down” the breed. You can find the full list of requirements for breeding stock at the British Pig Associations Standards of Excellence. BPA Standards of Excellence Large Black.

I take the health & well-being of our hogs very seriously. I provide 1, 3 and 6 week checkups, documenting weight, vigor, conformation, and general health of each piglet born. Our health checks are available for review by potential buyers at any time.

All of our potential breeders are full blooded, heritage stock that is registered with the LBHA (Large Black Hog Association). Our hogs are raised on pasture and eat only the best grass & are supplemented with whey (from our own cheese making), brewer’s grains, barley fodder, vegetables from our garden and as many pumpkins as we can get out hands on each fall.
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