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Our fans...

"Hey! I’m sorry I haven’t taken the time to tell you how much I love the stuff. I do!  I have the scrubs sitting by the kitchen sink and I use them all the time on my hands — they make me so happy. And the soaps, too. I actually forced myself to part with a couple of the soaps as hostess gifts, and it was nice to give something handmade from home.  Anyway, thanks!  I would have SO MUCH FUN coming up with combining scents — jealous…  xoxo”  -Jessica in Connecticut.

"Hello Misty, this is Veronica, we shared a table January 18 at Low Gap – thanks again! I sincerely love your web site and your videos! I will be in touch and keep up with all you’re doing here!" - Veronica.

"I am a huge fan of knowing where your food comes from, appreciating and acknowledging the animal sacrifice made for my meal. Our Green Acre embodies this. I am proud to know this farmer and know her compassion for all mother nature's creatures. Thank you, Misty, for all you do! Hug a farmer, y'all!" - Michelle in Austin, Texas.
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