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Handmade with all natural ingredients. Any soap that contains animal fats are made from our grass fed pigs and or beef. All are scented with essential oils and if there is a color, it is made with all natural ingredients. No artificial anything! The soaps do not have a heavy, overwhelming smell- just a fresh clean scent. I introduce new batches all the time so please check with me if you need an updated list of soaps that are in stock.

Soap Flavors: Beer & Herb ( There is a lavender bar and a rose & juniper blend), Peppermint (ground peppermint w/ essential oil), Orange Creme (Orange Essential Oils with Jersey cow CREAM), Smorgasbord (tea tree, frankincense, orange and clary sage essential oils w/ coffee grounds & oatmeal for exfoliating), Lemon Grass & Lime, Wine & Clove, Plain Jane with Orange.

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Handmade with all natural ingredients including coconut, palm, olive & rape seed oil. 

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